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We manufacture transport racks for rotor blades for our customer eno energy GmbH – Sucess with wind. We will be presenting these at HUSUM WIND – Transforming Energy, the most important trade fair for renewable energy in the German-speaking region.

RDC Car train Sylt | Special components

In summer 2019, RDC AUTOZUG Sylt GmbH commissioned newly built car train transport wagons, which it realized in cooperation with Kompetenznetz Rail Berlin-Brandenburg (KNRBB) GmbH. 

As a partner of KNRBB GmbH, umetec Stahlbau produced various special designs for the AUTOZUG:

Movable and rigid side walls, platform elements as well as emergency descents for a total of 36 cars. Including plastic coverings, screw connections, galvanizing and painting.

Welded assemblies certified according to EN 15085-2 (Railway applications I Welding of railroad vehicles and parts).

key accounts | Metal components

Football club RB Leipzig | 12 meters aluminum goal

umetec GmbH manufactured a rolling door made of Tresper panels for the Bundesliga club RB Leipzig. Galvanized and plastered quality work. 12 meters long, 2.65 meters high and extremely heavy. The special LWK for the transport was of course also ordered. A report on the project appeared in the Märkische Oderzeitung edition 10/11.07.2021.

sheet metal bending
blech schneiden

FINIZIO | Steel tanks

umetec GmbH manufactures stainless steel tanks with a footprint of four square meters for Finizio – Future Sanitation for their innovative composting toilets, the scaffolding for the cabins and other components.

Finizio has designed inovative (mobile) toilets to replace the (toxic) chemical toilets commonly used at festivals. Hygienic and odorless, feces are collected in large stainless steel tanks – and processed into humus fertilizer in a pilot plant that is unique in Germany. 

KORSCH AG | stainless steel frame

An umetec team leader assembles bent stainless steel frames on a template for KORSCH AG in Berlin – the specialist for tabletting technology – to ensure highest precision and thus customer satisfaction. The six-meter-long tubes with diameters of up to 32mm are cut, bent without wrinkles as well as milled at umetec Stahlbau in order to assemble the add-on elements.

Solar industry | Special components

We manufacture special components for our partners in the solar industry. Drilling 18 mm diameter holes within 20 seconds with 70 mm depth in S235 mild steel on our URBAN CNC profile machining center. As well as milling on both sides of 6 meter long tubes made of 4 mm stainless steel.

KEY ACCOUNT | Construction

15 mm thick structural steel with a slight curvature – welded from individual parts to form a bent steel component.

KEY ACCOUNTS | Lifting platform

KEY ACCOUNTS | Trampoline substructure

For a major customer umetec Steelwork manufactures substructures for a trampoline embedded in the ground with a diameter of 1.70 meters made of galvanized steel.